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Newsletter February 2017




Recent talks

- The history of AC Cars

- Hidden Rome


Obituary - Eve Myatt-Price


Surrey in The Great War: A County Remembers


AGM Notice


Annual Report 2016

Newsletter April 2017




Recent talks

- Restoration of the Temperate House at


- The Land of gods and Monsters: Shrines                  

  and sacrifice in Celtic Gaul and Britain


Buses of a bygone age in Epsom and Ewell


Lucky for some: Medieval graffiti on the Old church Tower, Ewell


Minutes of 2017 AGM

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Newsletter June 2017




Recent talks

- Restoration of Ewell Court House

- Brookwood Cemetery

- Worms, Ashes and Bones:

 Excavations at Cocks Farm Roman    

 villa, Abinger 1876-2016


A metal find from Ashtead Common


Newsletter June 2017

Newsletter September 2017




Recent talks

- The Curtis family of Ewell

- Visit to Woodcote Green House

A u g u s t M e m b e r s ’ Meeting

- a lead cistern from Woodcote House     and a beam from Halesworth

-restoration of Het Loo

- Lower Mill on the Hogsmill

- A Military Family

- Auntie Elizabeth and her Brooch

- a visit to Mérida


The Story Behind a Postcard


The Mill Race of the Lower Mill





Newsletter Sept 2017

Newsletter November 2017




Recent talks

- Horace Walpole and Strawberry

  Hill House    

- Community Archaeology in



Ewell in Space


Obituary- Lesley Louise Miller Hays



Newsletter November 2017