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Bourne Hall Museum Club

 for children 8yrs and above


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Monthly meeting held at Bourne Hall to inspire a love of history and archaeolgy in the younger generation


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On the night of 17th June 1919 a knock came on the door of 92 Lower Court Road. The messenger spoke and left. Thomas Green, Station Sergeant at Epsom police station, hurriedly put on his coat and when his daughter Lily asked where he was going, he explained that he had just been told that Canadian soldiers were going to attack the police station. She told him to be careful and to be sure to wear his helmet, but he replied that he would go in his own clothes as that would be safer going through the streets. He put on his cap and left the house, never to return alive.


On the 17th June this year we will be holding events, talks, walks and a memorial service to remember Thomas Green and this important but forgotten piece of social history from the aftermath of the First World War.


Can you help us? We wish to contact families whose ancestors were involved on that fateful day, and would welcome them as guests at the memorial events.


Please find attached the fuller account of that night, with a picture of the Epsom Police officers at the time including Thomas Green.


Please contact David Brooks Bourne Hall Museum

020 8394 1734


The Sussex Archaeology Symposium

Saturday 4th May 2019


Kings Church Hall, Brooks Road, Lewes, BN7 2BY

9.50 – 10.00


Chairman David Rudling


9.50-10.00  Welcome and Introduction


10.00 – 10.30  Mark Roberts    New thoughts on an old idea: handaxes - their fabrication, use

                                                 and discard, the evidence from Boxgrove.


10.30 – 11.00  Jon Baczkowski   Two Sussex Early Neolithic occupation sites? One Downland,

                                                    one Wealden.


11.00 – 11.30  George Anelay  Bronze Age Barrows in the Rother valley, West Sussex.


11.30 – 11.55   TEA


11.55 – 12.10   Jaime Kaminski  The Woodingdean Stag: production, symbolism and context.


12.10 – 12.40   David Calow   Structured deposits on the Roman rural site at Flexford, Surrey.


12.40 – 12.55   David Rudling   Plumpton Roman villa, the excavations of 2014-18.


12.55 – 1.25   Lynn Cornwell   Castle Croft, Ninfield Romano-British Tile Production.


1.25 – 2.25    LUNCH


2.25 – 2.45   Ethan Greenwood   Organisation of Roman iron production in the Weald.


2.45 – 3.05   Jack Cranfield   The Medieval iron industry: an introduction to a new study.


3.05 – 3.35   Mark Roberts   Downley and the Forest of Arundel: Power, Poaching and Politics


                                             from the C13th to the C17th.


3.35 – 4.00   TEA


4.00 – 4.30   Paola Ponce   The human remains from the Quaker burial ground at the Brighton

                                            Dome: current research.


4.30 – 5.00   Jo Seaman   Prayers wrought in stone: telling stories from graffiti in a Sussex


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